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Monday, December 27, 2010

[updates] Blood Donation

IF you meet with the following criteria:  
ü  Aged 16 – 65
ü  Weighing over 41 kg
ü  Healthy                                

               Please don't hesitate and
                             become a
                  blood donor!

We are a new army to help relieve the growing pressure on national blood supply.  This activity can further enhance our friendship and help ourselves while helping others.
Apart from regularly donating blood, we can actually encourage our friends and relatives around to give blood. We can go together and take part in blood donation that can leave us unforgettable collective memories. It won’t take too much time and it won’t harm the body too but it can save lives.

We could help people by giving out just a little while giving blood causes no harms but benefits to the body and the society. The pain associated with blood donation was far less than we had imagined. Blood donation is something meaningful the ordinary healthy people can at least do.

The volume of blood donated by blood donor is around 350-450 ml, approximate to the volume of a can of soft drink.  The blood collected will be produced into various blood components for treatment purpose. A pack of blood can save around 3-4 people's lives,so please don't hesistate and come join blood donation!
Do you know?
There are four blood groups: A, B, AB and O. Your blood group is determined by the group of antigen in your red cells.  Both group A refers to the fact that you have A-antigens, type B has B-antigens, blood group AB refers to the existence of both, while type O has neither A nor B.

Use of blood:
Blood is essential to human life. When significant blood loss or its components falling below a normal level, our lives may be at risk. The following gives a brief account on the blood transfusion requirement of different types of patient or injured persons :

Whole blood.Massive blood loss, fatal exchange transfusion, paediatric heart surgery
Red cells.Anaemia
Platelets.Bleeding due to thrombocytopenia or functional disorder of platelet
Plasma.Burns, liver disease
White cells.Severe Bacterial Sepsis

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